Center for Supply Chain Education

Find Success with Supply Chain Management

The Center for Supply Chain Education at Broward College and the Council of Supply Chain Professionals (CSCMP) have partnered to deliver the SCPro™ Fundamentals Certifications program. Through this program you have easy access to online education in the eight cornerstones of Supply Chain Management, to prepare for the corresponding certification exam. The online content includes interactive activities to help reinforce the concepts, with online practice quizzes. Each course includes a PDF of the entire curriculum, including practice quizzes, ready for printing if that suits your learning style. Certifications are awarded by CSCMP.

The coursework was developed by subject matter experts in the field of Supply Chain Management, with guidance and review by an academic team. Funded by a grant from the US Department of Labor, the program has brought education and certifications to students throughout the country. Through this partnership, we are able to sustain the program and expand it to colleges, companies, and individuals to begin or continue a career in Supply Chain Management.